Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Concept to Showroom - Ford C-Max

When I visited the Shanghai Auto Show this past April, I was quite taken with the Ford Iosis Max concept car. This past week, Ford, America's only non-state-owned domestic automaker, released pictures of its new C-Max, to be shown at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show, and to be sold in Europe next year and in the US in 2011. (Why so long coming to the US?)

While the "concept" Iosis Max was promoted as either hybrid or fully electric, the C-Max will be sold with a traditional internal combustion engine. The C-Max has also been toned down a bit, but you can see that not a lot was changed, down to the cool greenish-yellow paint scheme.

The Iosis at the Shanghai Auto Show (photo by yours truly).

The New Ford C-Max (from New York Times auto blog)

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