Thursday, June 17, 2010

A National Disgrace

American politics is not the normal purview of this blog, but today I will make an exception.

This afternoon, Eric Garland posted this video clip on Twitter. It's a seven minute clip from The Daily Show in which Jon Stewart lambastes the last eight American Presidents for their empty words about "independence from foreign oil".

While it is classic Jon Stewart humor, it's also very sad. But I'm not sure which is sadder: the content of the video, or the fact that such an important statement has to come from a comedy program.

Lest we blame all of this on the President, there are another 535 parasites on Capitol Hill who bear just as much responsibility.

So enjoy the video, but if you're an American citizen, please think long and hard about who gets your vote this fall.

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  1. Exactly. Anyone who trusts our politicians (a/k/a baby kissers) ought to have their head examined.

  2. This certainly is an extremely honest account of American dependence on fossil fuel. What is missing, however, is that American demand has stayed fairly flat from the 1970s to today. One reason for the rapid price increases in this century has to be the rapid increase in demand from developing states, such as China and in the Middle East. As Michael Klare points out in his research on the role of resources in international affairs, rising demand for scarce resources such as oil constitute a very large threat to American security and long-term economic strength. Those risks should be internalized to give the market signals to reduce our overall dependency on oil.


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