Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Lieu of an Actual Blog Post (II)

As I near the end of my current data-gathering trip in China (which has lasted longer than I expected), I anticipate another year or so of analysis and writing. Needless to say, I have neglected my blog in recent months, but I hope to remedy that after my return to the States. My last couple of months have been a mad dash to complete as many interviews as possible, and get out of China before Spring Festival.

In the meantime, here's a link to a short interview I did with Michael McCune of the China Business Network. The content of the intro paragraph doesn't entirely reflect my views (I wouldn't say that BYD, Geely and SAIC-GM are all "full steam ahead" in development of low emission vehicles -- really, only BYD is), and the text says that BYD is in "Tianjin" (it's in Shenzhen). But aside from that, the interview does accurately reflect some of what I have learned over the past year.