Sunday, February 22, 2009

China's Industry Stimulus Plans To Date

This article from Zhongguo Jingji Wang reveals that the next industry in line for a stimulus plan is the real estate industry (h/t "niubi" on Twitter). The speculation is that this industry, which much like its counterpart in the U.S. has fallen on hard times, should be receiving word of relief after the upcoming meetings of the National Peoples Congress.

Meanwhile, a paragraph toward the end of this article caught my eye. It lists the industries that have benefited from specific stimulus plans since the beginning of the calendar year, and it mentions that some industries -- especially the auto and steel industries -- are already seeing the benefits of the plans.
For the record (and so that I can refer back to this post later for the list), the eight industries for which the State Council has released stimulus plans since the first of the year are:

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